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Multi-Family Energy Audits

REAS has provided us the roadmap towards energy efficiency and an overall more sustainable building.  With their comprehensive energy audit, they located sources of wasted energy and utility cost savings.  Additionally, with their sustainable retrofit implementation plan, JTRL has given us specific methods to increase building performance (for the Simone Hotel a 123 unit multifamily building), while providing a healthier place for our residents to live.

- Theresa Hyuna Hwang
Community Designer
Skid Row Housing Trust

Thank you for submitting a response to the Enterprise-LA Multifamily Affordable Housing Retrofit Pilot Program Energy Auditor RFQ. We have reviewed your application, and we are happy to inform you that REAS has been selected…
Thanks again for responding to the RFQ!

- Collin Rich
Program Officer
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Single Family Audits and Retrofits

"Working with Residential Energy Assessment Services, Inc. has been a pleasure---from the initial home energy audit throughout the upgrade process. .... REAS is very knowledgeable and has been an invaluable guide in helping me to accomplish my goals. .... REAS has been instrumental in helping me to make my home significantly more energy efficient and has demonstrated a level of integrity that is second to none."

- David S.
Encino, CA

"My experience with REAS Energy has been wonderful from beginning to end. Although I'm pretty energy efficient when it comes to maintaining my house, their "whole house" energy audit has opened my eyes to more energy improvement ideas which I pursued as part of my participation in the Energy Upgrade California program. They have been extremely helpful in processing and getting my EUC rebate, which helps lower my energy improvement costs. My house feels a lot more comfortable now and my energy bill continues to go down. I highly recommend REAS Energy to anyone who is interested in saving energy, money and our environment."

- Gene Tsui, CFA
Beverly Hills, CA

I’m quite well known for my solar powered and energy efficient house. Well, my house might be solar powered, but after a Home Energy Assessment I received from REAS, I realized there was even MORE energy efficiency to be achieved.  We have to make this program available to everyone. It’s truly a miracle.

- Ed Begley, Jr.
Celebrity Environmental Activist
and author of “Guide to Sustainable Living”
Studio City, CA

The REAS home energy performance audit is an absolutely essential tool for saving large amounts of energy and effectively curbing climate change.  Without the performance data and feedback provided by this in-depth technical audit, there is no way to know whether or not you are making a difference, despite your good intentions.  I'd already switched our light bulbs to compact fluorescents and reduced other obvious energy uses, however the audit, including the use of infra-red cameras, found completely hidden leaks in our ducts and substantial gaps in our insulation...translating into both an unimaginable and unintended waste of energy.  The good news is the audit gave us precision guidance on how to lower our household energy consumption by as much as 50%...making it possible to shrink the needed size of our planned solar electric panels by half.

- Andy Lipkis
President and Founder of Tree People
Venice, CA

The team at Residential Energy Assessment Services is first rate. They have the right equipment; they get their assessments done quickly and accurately. They gave me great service and excellent advice and direction. I recommend them to anyone, who wants to improve the quality of their home, use less energy to heat and cool their house, and save money. Performing energy assessments at your home and business help you do more with less, an essential idea in the coming years.

- Bill Nye, The Science Guy
Studio City, CA

The REAS team was professional, thorough and delivered everything they promised. Their recommendations gave me all the information I needed to improve the energy efficiency of my house in the most cost effective way.

- Tom Davies
Mt.Washington, CA

One of the things I’m doing to make my house more green is putting new insulation as REAS suggested. When the workers, who I’d hired through REAS, were installing it, they found asbestos. They came right down, they told me, and the next day it was removed. That’s what it’s like working with REAS; they know what they’re doing.

- Jeff Garland
Celebrity and author of “My Footprint”
Sherman Oaks, CA

We asked Green Home Evaluation/REAS to come to our 1913 Craftsman house to do an energy audit. In the past we had received lots of conflicting information from different trades people (plumber, heating/AC person, roofer etc) about what we could do to make our house more energy efficient, but we did not have the expertise to figure out what would make the most sense AND give the most energy savings per dollar spent. So we wanted JTRL/REAS to do a thorough analysis to help us decide what to tackle first.  We were very satisfied with this company. Josh was extremely professional and lived up to the many certifications he has received for energy auditing. He also helped us prioritize the possible improvements we could make based on the biggest improvement in energy efficiency for the money spent. The evaluation and report are what we paid him for. Just for this work alone I would recommend him very highly. However Josh has gone above and beyond by helping to coordinate the work that we have chosen to have done and making sure the other contractors are doing appropriate and quality work to meet the energy savings goals. Houses are complex systems and Josh's expertise has been really great from start to finish!

- Paula Scott
So. Pasadena, CA

Home Performance Classes and BPI Training

We welcome the addition of the REAS / JTRL Train to Sustain program to our affiliate network offering green collar credentialing and workforce development opportunities throughout Los Angeles County.

- Larry Zarker

Residential Energy Assessment Services (REAS) has done a marvelous job in helping to provide Energy Auditing & Assessment of Residential Buildings Training for many of our highly motivated students here at the West Valley Occupational Center. We began this relationship early in 2010 to assist our students that were in the Photovoltaic’s Program, to learn more about Energy Auditing. As it turned out, many professional people from the community were the first to take advantage of this fantastic program. At the end of the training, we received the following comments from the students: great instructors, rebate information extremely useful, more classes like this are needed in this field, more advertisement should be done on this program, very informative, excellent training, well done, perfect, and we need a career path to go beyond the Introduction of Energy Auditing in the San Fernando Valley.

We agree and hope that more training will be available in the future. Keep up the good work REAS. You are the best!

- Luis A. Lopez
Assistant Principal Operations
West Valley Occupational Center.

Government and Utility

Residential Energy Assessment Services, Inc. (REAS) has played an active role in advising Los Angeles County during the development of the Los Angeles County Energy Program (LACEP), a program to promote and facilitate energy retrofits countywide.  Representatives from REAS have attended key stakeholder outreach meetings and provided the County with specific and valuable feedback related to program design, required contractor qualifications, and workforce development.  Tammy Schwolsky of REAS provided support for LACEP at the Board of Supervisors public hearing and advised County staff as to how to improve the program for contractors.  Overall, REAS has been willing and eager to assist the County by providing technical feedback and an industry perspective, both of which have been invaluable as the County develops this groundbreaking program. Thanks!

- Lauren Rank
Los Angeles County

JTRL/REAS Energy has voluntarily provided us with some of their own sample reports on Whole House Performance energy assessments to assist us in our home performance energy study.  This is enabling us to collect verified data on gas measures that will help us to design our rebate program for the upcoming program cycle. Thank you!

- Cynthia "Cyd" Swaim
Senior Energy Programs Advisor
Residential Customer Programs
SoCalGas Energy Resource Center